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Cardiologists (Heart Doctors) - Reviews & Ratings

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Cardiologists in Seattle, WA

What is a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating problems of the heart, arteries, and veins, collectively known as the cardiovascular system. Conditions that may require the attention of a cardiologist include shortness of breath, chest pains (angina), and dizzy spells. Cardiologists also treat patients with heart disease, heart murmurs (arrhythmia), and victims of heart attacks or heart failure. They typically make decisions about when to perform heart-related procedures such as angioplasty, heart surgery, and heart transplants.

509 Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98101
2.48 miles
This was my second appointment at Dr. Thompson's office as I came in for my annual physical (prior appointment was for a cold). I would definitely recommend this practice over any other one because of instant results (thanks to great equipment), and highly qualified staff! I haven't been to a physical in a long time mostly because of bad experiences with blood draws before--I happen to have very small veins and in the past had multiple nurses at other practices try and fail to draw blood 4-5 times before at last succeeding, which meant that I was in a lot of pain and nearly passed out by the end of the procedure. Caroline, Dr Thompson's assistant and a trained phlebotomist, was reassuring and made me feel super comfortable. She warmed up my veins, made sure I was hydrated, and got into my vein from the very first attempt. What I was most concerned about ended up being a breeze and next time I need to have my blood drawn, I am definitely going back to Caroline and Dr. Thompson. What was also wonderful and a true first for me was instant results of my physical-- by the end of the appointment, Dr. Thompson was able to tell me how I was doing on my cholesterol, sugar, hemoglobin, lung function, etc. At any other practice, blood results take 1-2 weeks, while at this practice they have machines analyzing the results right after the blood draw. They still send to the lab for the comprehensive blood analysis, but you will know the essentials before you leave the office. When I told my parents about this, they were surprised and said they have never heard of anyone providing results right away. Lastly, Shannon, Dr. Thomspon's office manager, has been of tremendous help with prescription questions/advice and scheduling. She was able to tell me exactly what prescriptions I needed, when to take them and in what dosage, and have them sent over to the pharmacy near me.