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Dr. Fay (Farideh) Hakimi DMD


Professional Statement

Dr. Hakimi, or Dr. Fay, as she is known to her youngest patients, has been practicing family dentistry in San Rafael for ten years. After earning her Doctorate of Medicinal Dentistry from Tufts University in Boston in 1997, she served in the United States Navy. Dr. Hakimi is a member of the American, California, and Marin County Dental Societies, and, as part of her practice, she has provided Marin County’s underserved children with dental care for many years.
From an early age, Dr. Hakimi was drawn equally to the sciences and to art. While, to most, these 2 interests may not be obviously well matched, she feels that they compliment each other perfectly. “My science background has given me the skill to perform the mechanical aspects of dentistry, but I also see much of dentistry as artistic and creative. I am often reconstructing teeth or parts of a patient’s smile, and this has to look pleasing to them as much as it needs to be functional and lasting.” And as for her choosing the science-dominated field of dentistry, Dr. Hakimi explains, “I’ve heard it said that being a dentist is a lonely and isolated profession, but I could not disagree more. I am working with, not just on, people all day, every day. It’s not just the mouth, it’s the whole person. Getting to know my patients so that I can better tailor my work to suit their needs is a very satisfying aspect of my job. How can I do my best if I don’t have some connection, however small, with each of my patients? And at the end of that day, when a patient has recommended a family member or a friend to me, I know that I have really succeeded in meeting both my own expectations and theirs. It’s a wonderful feeling.” In addition to experiencing great satisfaction in her work,She finds joy in travel, panting, and nature.

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