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Chicago Dentists

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Dentists in Chicago, IL

Dentists in Chicago

With ZocDoc, you can save a telephone call by making an appointment with an excellent Chicago-based dentist online. You'll find dentists in Lincoln Park, Near North Side, Albany Park, and beyond, and you can read reviews by verified patients to make your decision. Whether you need dentures, a bridge, a tooth extraction, gum surgery, or help with anything else, you can schedule your visit for free. The process is quick and easy!

3460 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
6.66 miles
My husband was in desperate need of emergency dental care and unbeknownst to me, he was absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. So when he called and asked me to find him a dentist ASAP and also accompany him, I knew it was serious. I used ZocDoc to find a provider that fulfilled three main requirements. The first, they needed to accept our dental insurance, next, they had to be able to take an emergency appointment for that evening and lastly, they needed to have great reviews (my husband was already dreading this, the last thing I needed was to take him to an office with unfriendly staff and an unsympathetic doctor). Cue the choir of angels and the beaming ray light that flashed directly on Dr. Pressling’s listing. Honestly, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but for anyone who knows how tough it is to find your ‘top five guys’ (1- General Practitioner 2- Trainer, 3- Mechanic, 4- Hair Stylist, and 5- Dentist --- not necessarily in that order ?) knows that when you find a good one, you need to keep ‘em! So, basically, what I’m trying to get across is, Dr. Pressling is one of those good ones. He’s so nice, very down to earth and nonjudgmental, and overall, a fantastic doctor who knows his stuff! In addition to his quality work, a great bonus to visiting Dr. Pressling is his office staff; they’re awesome! They’re knowledgeable in regard to both your actual dental services and your insurance/billing issues; they’re very friendly and seem to genuinely care about you and your dental needs. All in all, what started off as a very unpleasant situation became a great experience that helped my husband begin to face his dental fears and helped us find our new, permanent Dentist! P.s. I forgot to mention two things, 1) Dr. Pressling and his staff allowed me to stay in the room during the procedure which was a condition my husband set before we made the appointment and 2) the day after the emergency wisdom teeth pulling (eek- 3 total), Dr. Pressling personally called to check up on him/us to see how things were healing and if there were any side effects to the medication. This was Dr. Pressling personally... if that isn’t superior service and a sign that he really cares, I don’t know what is!