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Dr. Carrie Capstick PhD


Professional Statement

In my experience, effective therapy aims to deepen self-understanding while maintaining a focus on resolving current life problems. I approach my clients with an empathic concern for relieving their current distress, while helping them to address what’s underneath – the core issues that drive recurring problems. Understanding a problem is an important part of the solution; however, I find that most people also need practical tools to take what they’ve learned to make changes in their lives. An integrative approach not only focuses on self-insight, but on translating insights into productive life changes. My experience as a psychotherapy researcher at Columbia University has enabled me to flexibly combine a wide range of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral and other solution-focused approaches. Identifying a path towards change is critical to progress. Therapy is rarely a linear progression: productive periods in therapy are often “off-road” — and veer from the initial focus. Drawing the roadmap, however, is essential.

My style is warm and collaborative. I strive to provide a supportive, yet challenging environment that fosters emotional well-being, insight and change. Many clients who work with me have been in therapy before and felt alone or uninspired with an overly reserved therapist. I find that most people need a therapist to be “in it” with them — engaged and involved — to help regain their footing and make meaningful, enduring changes in their lives. I strive to provide a supportive, yet challenging environment that fosters emotional well-being, insights and change. My style is warm, focused and collaborative. I’m an active participant in the therapeutic process.

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