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Dr. Henry Friedman MD


Professional Statement

I am a psychiatrist trained in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. My practice has been directed at individuals who have difficulty finding satisfaction in both their work and love lives despite having achieved considerable success in their professions. I have been seeing individuals and couples for over 30 years and I am experienced with providing combined therapy, including medication and psychotherapy. I work with patients from 1x/week to 4x/week depending on the patient's need for more or less intensive therapy. While the past as a determinant of the present is acknowledged the work is done in the here and now.

As a psychiatrist-psychoanalyst I can offer the best approach to helping patients move forward in their lives. I believe that my ability to prescribe drugs where needed for depression or anxiety when combined with my understanding of the sources of emotional distress on an interpersonal basis is uniquely effective.

Many individuals who seek my help are deeply unhappy and suffer from the choices they have made in life when they lacked the assertiveness necessary to get more from their work or love situations. I have been able to address the present sources of unhappiness without neglecting the past sources.

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