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Dr. Inayat Ali-Khan

Dr. Inayat Ali-Khan MD


Credentials of Dr. Inayat Ali-Khan MD

Professional Statement

Dr. Alikhan accepts most major insurances with “out of network” benefits , so you can focus on your own treatment. No need for you to understand insurance. We will take care of the claim for you.

25 years of experience in General psychiatry: Because of his experience, Tempe Psychiatrist, Dr. Alikhan has the advantage of experience, not only from the text book and clinical settings, but from real life experience. Because he has treated so many patients successfully, he has a reputation of creating beneficial treatment regimes uniquely suited for a specific situation. Life changes for everyone. Your situation differs from everyone else. Dr. Alikhan intuitively understands what you need. Don’t stress out. Help is right here!. NOTE:PLEASE ALWAYS CALL TO CONFIRM YOUR APPT.

Areas of treatment:
- Diagnosis and Medication management: Management of Depression, Anxiety, Nervousness, Bipolar Disorder and other psychiatric conditions is absolutely critical to well being and healing.
- Vocational Rehabilitation: Today’s economic environment creates stress on people never before seen. Whether you are out of work, or lost, or ineffective at work, or searching,
-Substance use, Evalution and treatment of Opioids with Suboxone. In addition to treating your specific situation, Tempe Psychiatrist, Dr. Alikhan helps you look at what caused you to get into this situation in the first place, totally without judgment.
- Workers compensation and Industrial injury case management. When it comes to Worker’s Comp and industrial injury, you need an advocate, with medical science behind it.
- Most other issues: Is there something else going on with you? Perhaps you don’t even know what it is. Maybe you have talked with your friends, your pastor/priest, your relatives. No one seems to have the answer.

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