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Dr. Peter Bookstein MD


Professional Statement

I am a board-certified psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst with a practice in midtown Manhattan. I completed my training in psychiatry and psychoanalysis at Columbia. My expertise in the biological and psychological aspects of emotional disturbances enables me to provide my patients with the most comprehensive and effective care.

When I meet with someone for the first time, I perform a thorough assessment. At the end of the consultation, I share with the person my understanding of his or her problems and discuss the available treatments; we then determine which approach best meets his or her needs. A part of my treatment philosophy is this: it is crucial not to lose sight of the reasons that bring a person to treatment to ensure that he or she is receiving the sought-after help.

I treat patients with individual psychotherapy and/or medication. When a patient is already seeing a therapist who is not a physician, I can prescribe medication and work with the therapist to provide coordinated care.

I remain on faculty in the Columbia Department of Psychiatry and Columbia Psychoanalytic Center where I teach, supervise, and serve in administrative capacities. Being part of a major academic medical community keeps me connected to the latest developments and leading subspecialists.

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