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Dr. Sanjay Murthy MD, MPH

Family Physician

Professional Statement


Dr. Murthy’s areas of specialization include Family Medicine/Primary Care, Addiction Medicine/Dual Diagnosis and Occupational Medicine/Preventive Medicine. His interests include addiction medicine/dual diagnosis, primary care medicine & preventive medicine.

Dr. Murthy is trained in various medical specialties such as primary care, preventive medicine, behavioral & addiction medicine. He is also a part-owner of the Urgent Care of Farmington Hills and has extensive experience in Urgent care medicine as well.

Dr. Murthy is Fellowship trained in Addiction Medicine/Dual Diagnosis. He has extensive expertise in behavioral and addiction medicine. He is one of a limited number of doctors licensed to provide Suboxone to opioid dependent patients. We also conduct drug and alcohol assessments for patients and coordinate a plan of care which may include specific lab testing, urine drug screens, addiction counseling services, neuropsychological testing and much more. Furthermore, we diagnose and manage common mental health conditions including; Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder (ADHD) , Bipolar disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Panic disorder and more. We are closely affiliated to Abaris Behavioral Health & Pioneer counseling centers. We pledge to treat every patient with compassion, dignity and clinical excellence. If you are looking for compassionate service from a well-qualified medical expert, schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.

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