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Austin, Chicago OB-GYNs

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OB-GYNs in Austin, Chicago, IL

OB-GYNs in Austin, Chicago

Use ZocDoc to find top OB-GYNs in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, whether you live near Levin Park, Sweet Clover Park, or West Chicago Avenue. Search for specialists in the treatment of infertility, high-risk pregnancies, menopause, or polycystic ovarian disease in just a few clicks. It's even easy to narrow down your results based on insurance plan participation. It's absolutely free to make an appointment by clicking on a time!

7420 Central St.
River Forest, IL 60305
2.37 miles
Well this was my first time there, as of now I can say the staff was very friendly, I was running a late so I called to let them know, the receptionist on the phone was very friendly. When I arrived they instantly knew I was their *:**pm patient. Great start so far, however they did have me refill all the paperwork zocdoc had me full on line which that part I found to be a waist of my time, why offer on line registration if your going to have the patient refill the same forms with same questions & answer? I reluctantly filled out the forms, as soon as I was done, the front desk girl politely thanked me & quickly notified the MA that I was there. The MA called me in ( even pronounced my name correctly) I was impressed -LOL MOST American/Africans kill my name. Kudos to her ! Anyway, she called me in , took all my vitals asked me a few of the same questions I had already answered on line, once again I reluctantly verbalized my response, she then very politely asked me to undress & stepped out. The doctor came in less then 5 minutes later. She seems to be a good Gyn for now, she answered all my questions, seemed very patient with my repeated questions. Now I wait for my results, I just hope they are all good & that the OBGYN is on top of her game & doesn't make me call her for my results. I need a good GYN . I'm sure my results are already in, I just hope she doesn't keep me in suspense all week. But for now, so far so good, but we shall see how long it takes for her or her MA to call me with my results, it's only been day #2 so let's see... To be continued.