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Dr. Marlynn Wei

Dr. Marlynn Wei MD


Professional Statement

I am a board-certified Harvard and Yale-trained psychiatrist and psychotherapist who has an integrated approach to wellness. I work with clients to address relationship, self-esteem, and other stressful areas in their lives in order to create a healthy, positive and centered sense of self. My approach integrates mindfulness, mind-body practices like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga/exercise in order to minimize the use of medications for issues like panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. I specialize in treating high-achieving professionals in finance, law, business, technology, entrepreneurial/start-ups, and creative areas like film, publishing and art. I am a member of the American Psychiatric Association and APA Caucus on Integrative Medicine.

My consultation provides:
- a comprehensive initial consultation with treatment recommendations and plan to maximize wellness.
- review of evidence-based treatment options including therapy, medications, as well as alternatives to medications
- counseling around diet and environmental stressors that influence health and wellness
- integration of mind-body stress reduction skills including meditation and yoga

For new clients, please email me before signing up for "Psychiatric Consultation." You will receive detailed information and a fee agreement. I do not take insurance and can provide documentation to you for out-of-network reimbursement.

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