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Patient choice has always been at the heart of Zocdoc. We want you to find access to care where and when you need it — from a provider you trust.

That’s why after every appointment we ask for your feedback. We want to know what you loved, what could have been better, and how long you spent in the waiting room. Reviews and scores for bedside manner, wait times, and overall ratings are shown on and our mobile apps. This transparent feedback helps doctors improve their practices and gives fellow patients additional information to help them find the best doctor.

At Zocdoc, we’ve always held our reviews to a higher standard than most. We use a closed-loop system, meaning every review is written by a verified patient – one that we confirm has actually seen the doctor. Our goal is to provide you with reviews that are fair, trustworthy, and accurate.

We believe that the more information you have as you choose a doctor, the better decisions you can make. So, starting today, we will also show reviews from verified patients collected by partners. We’re calling these “Partner Reviews” and you’ll see them alongside reviews from Zocdoc verified patients. Partner Reviews are collected by independent patient satisfaction survey providers, like Press Ganey, who survey patients after their appointments. And just like reviews collected by Zocdoc, our Partner Reviews take steps to only solicit feedback from real patients.

Partner Reviews will be shown in-line with Zocdoc Patient Reviews and are clearly marked with their original source. Before we post any Partner Reviews, our team moderates each Partner Review for compliance with our guidelines. Starting today you’ll see Partner Reviews on selected providers from Geisinger Health System, rolling out to additional providers over time.

Our goal is to empower all patients to find the individualized care they deserve. More robust reviews move us another step closer to that goal.

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3 responses to “Partner Reviews: More Feedback to Find the Best Doctor”

  1. Is there someone at ZocDoc we can get in touch with in Alliances? Please email me directly?

    • Liz Bedor says:

      Hi Sonny – We’ve passed on your contact details and someone should be reaching out soon. Thanks!

  2. Jing says:

    It’s good to know about this. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting.

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