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Vice President Joe Biden made headlines when he revealed a national mission to cure cancer – a modern day space race to stop a leading cause of death worldwide.

Today, the Vice President asked Zocdoc to join him as he spoke with some of America’s top medical researchers and to patients affected by the disease at theAbramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

We sat in as a member of the press corps and covered the event live for our community of patients and healthcare providers. “Possibility,” the VP reminded all of us, “is the defining trait of America and Americans.”

The possibility of curing cancer sounds farfetched – almost absurd. That’s precisely why we think it’s such a good idea.

In 2007, when ZocDoc was founded, we were called crazy (and worse) for believing that we could bring digital simplicity to a system as fragmented as American healthcare. Eight years have passed, and our work has paid off with powerful success stories from patients like Angie and John.

The Vice President knows exactly how ambitious his goal is, and he’s calling for the private sector, governments, researchers, healthcare providers, and NGOs to join him. Collaboration, he emphasized, will be absolutely crucial to our collective success.

We’ve signed up to do our part – to help patients gain access to the care they need. That means sending patients helpful reminders to get screened, making visits to the office seamless with digital paperwork, and slashing the wait to see a specialist from several weeks to 24 hours.

We hope to see other healthcare leaders answer Vice President Biden’s call, and pursue their own moonshots. Let’s aim high.

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