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The votes are in. It’s time for ZocDoc to embrace the city of brotherly love!

We hear you loud and clear, Philly. Your patients and doctors alike are calling for a better healthcare system, and we’re honored to help make it happen. That’s why today, ZocDoc is proud to announce over 100,000 available appointments with the doctors, dentists, and specialists of Greater Philadelphia!

As usual, the first order of business is a gigantic thank you to the good people of Philadelphia, and everyone else who voted. ZocDoc is expanding faster than ever, and we need your help to do it right. So go cast your cast your ballot if you haven’t already.

For now, we’re just ecstatic to have a new home – and only 80 miles from our headquarters in New York City. In fact, if our mood gets any better, we might have to run up a big flight of stairs. Stay tuned – and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more exciting updates!

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