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This morning Zocdoc’rs learned about some important leadership changes. Zocdoc founder Oliver Kharraz has stepped in to lead the company as CEO. His move from president to the chief executive role positions Zocdoc for our next chapter of growth.

More from Oliver in his email directly to Zocdoc team members:

Hi team,

Every year on April 17, we celebrate Idea Day with a special Zocdoc lunch of burgers and fries. That anniversary marks the day Cyrus and I over lunch turned a burst eardrum into a business that today helps millions of patients nationwide find care. I could not have picked a more passionate or motivated partner, whose sheer determination and unwavering belief got us off the ground.

Together with Nick, we grew from a team of three to more than 600 today. I am impressed and inspired every day by the work we have all done together. You are helping to reshape patients’ healthcare experience and are making a real difference in people’s lives. It is because of each of you that patients can more easily find doctors, build relationships and get good care. Thank you for helping to make Zocdoc what it is today and for being a part of our greater mission.

The growth and success we have achieved together is only the beginning. In our next chapter, we will scale our business and accelerate our growth through new products, robust marketing efforts, and deeper enterprise partnerships with health systems.

Today marks the start of that next chapter. With the support of Zocdoc’s Board of Directors, I have stepped in to lead our team as CEO, working with all of you to move faster and improve patients’ lives in more ways. I aspire to make our next chapter as impactful as our first.

Cyrus remains Chairman of the Board and an important advisor and supporter of the company.

As we move forward together, I am reminded of why we started this business: to give power to the patient. I promise to always protect that mission with the greatest care.

I will be reaching out to every team over the coming weeks, part of a company-wide listening tour. Today we are just beginning a conversation and will be shaping the future of this company together.


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