What data do we collect?

To book a doctor’s appointment on Zocdoc, you only need to share basic information, such as your name, email, sex, phone number and date of birth. You also have the option to enter additional information, such as your insurance carrier, to help you find the right healthcare provider.


Over the years, patients have asked us to improve more aspects of their healthcare experience by managing additional medical information. In fact, Zocdoc Check-In – an opt-in service which helps you digitally complete your medical paperwork and share it with your healthcare providers – was the most requested feature from patients.


To make sure we’re always improving our products, we also analyze use of the service – such as the time of day you schedule an appointment, the specialties that you book most often, and the type of device you use. This data, like the rest of your information, is stored with industry standard security. Please note that Zocdoc does not store credit card information, bank account information, radiological images, laboratory analysis, or diagnostic reports.