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  1. My upper cheek bone is very sore to the touch and is starting to hurt more every day. What should I do?
    Thanks for your question. First thing to do i…
  2. What would cause one eye to turn yellow?
    Thank you for this question. I recommend that…
  3. I keep getting those little white bumps under my eyes called milia. What can I do about it?
    Thanks for your question. Milia are quite com…
  4. I went to an optometrist recently to get a regular eye exam. She told me that the vision in my right eye was very compromised. Should I get a second opinion?
    Thanks for your question. There is certainly …
  5. What could be this pain on the right of my belly button?
    There are many causes of right-sided abdomina…
  6. Does HPV related to genital warts go away from my body? Is it forever?
    If you are concerned about genital warts, I r…
  7. I having a sharp lower abdominal pain, what could it be?
    If you are concerned about your bowel habits …
  8. What does it mean when you bleed 2 hours after sex?
    If you have having unexpected bleeding for yo…
  9. I have back pain that radiates to my leg and shoulder? What could it be?
    If you are concerned about back pain, I recom…
  10. I feel like my spleen is hurting, what could it be?
    Residual pain after trauma is very common and…
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