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  1. I accidentally put some Orajel on my cut on my arm instead of Neosporin, is there something to worry about?
    Orajel is a topical pain reliever. It's main …
  2. I have pus pockets on my throat. Should I be worried?
    So sorry to hear about your problem. You have…
  3. Is a one-day sore throat contagious?
    Thanks for your question. It is hard to say w…
  4. Is my strep throat getting worst? Should I be concerned?
    So sorry to hear about how you are feeling qu…
  5. I previously had a staph infection and I want to get a nose piercing. Is there a problem?
    Thanks for the question. At the end of the da…
  6. I haven't had my period in months, and haven't had sex. What could be wrong?
    Thank you for your question, and I am sorry t…
  7. Why do I feel chest heat and pain and arm numbness?
    I am sorry to hear about your symptoms, but a…
  8. Can I undo my vasectomy?
    Thank you very much for your question. I woul…
  9. Will taking Lymecycline while pregnant affect the baby?
    Thank you for your interesting question. In p…
  10. My mom has been using Acenac (NSAID) for 2 years. Is it dangerous to continue using it?
    Thank you for your question about Acenac (als…
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