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"Is something wrong with my hand if it keeps twitching?"

ZocdocAnswersIs something wrong with my hand if it keeps twitching?


My right hand and fingers have frequent muscle spasms and twitch a lot. Is something wrong with my nerves? Is there any way to get a test to make sure that my hand and my nerves are all right?


Muscle spasms and twitching are most commonly the result of muscle fatigue. For example, if you are right handed and are using your hand a lot for writing or other repetitive tasks, this is likely the cause of the twitching. If you notice that the twitching occurs more at the end of a long day after working with your hands, then this almost certainly confirms the diagnosis of muscle fatigue, and this does not require much further thought except to try to rest your hands more! On the other hand, if you have additional concerning symptoms, such as numbness or tingling in the fingers or hand, or if the hand actually feels weak or uncoordinated, then these could be signs of a more serious nerve problem in the hand, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and this should be evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible. When you go to see your doctor, also mention if you have noticed any circulatory problems in your hands, such as always feeling cold, or noticing that your hands sometimes turn pale or blue, especially when exposed to cold, as these could be another potential explanation for the cause of your symptoms. Good luck!

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