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"Why are my fingers bruising?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my fingers bruising?


I jammed the first finger on my right hand playing softball, but now I?m getting bruising in my other fingers and my hand. Is this normal or is my hand infected with something?


I am sorry to hear that you jammed your finger so hard! Fortunately, it sounds like you most likely did not break your fingers or cause serious damage to the hand. That being said, if you find that the pain and swelling are not starting to improve over the next several days, or if you notice any deformities in the fingers or any difficulty moving the fingers, you may want to go see your primary care doctor to get an x-ray and make absolutely sure that there are no broken bones. The fact that you are seeing some bruising develop in the hand is perfectly normal. It is likely that when the ball hit your had it cause some bruising and contusion in several of the fingers and in the hand as well. Often the color associated with this damage doesn't show up on the first day of the injury, but it can emerge later as the injury matures and begins to heal. Please talk to your primary care doctor for more information!

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