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"Why do I feel tired all of the time?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I feel tired all of the time?


I know its kind of a general question, but I really do feel tired all the time. What could be the cause of this? I don?t have any other health problems and get plenty of sleep. What should I ask my doctor to test for?


The first step would be to schedule a general physical exam. Fatigue is a very vague symptom, so it is important to have a thorough check up. Make sure when you go to see your doctor if you have been having any other symptoms other than fatigue - such as night sweats, changes in appetite, weight gain or weight loss, or any other unusual symptoms. First, it is important to rule out mood problems as the cause of your fatigue. Depression is one of the most common medical problems and, therefore, it is one of the most common causes of feeling fatigued. Your doctor will ask you several questions to help determine whether or not you might be depressed. Second, it is important to rule out several nutritional problems, especially vitamin or iron deficiencies which might lead to anemia. Some simple questions and blood tests will be able to help sort this out. Finally, it is important to take a look at how the thyroid gland is functioning, as poor thyroid function is one of the most common causes of fatigue. Start by setting up your annual physical - your doctor will be able to help you get to the bottom of this!

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