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"Is something wrong with my diaphragm?"

ZocdocAnswersIs something wrong with my diaphragm?


I have a weird, aching pain just under my ribcage on either side. Is something wrong with my diaphragm? Is it possible to injure the diaphragm or is something wrong with my rib muscles?


I would suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor. They will be able to perform a quick examination and help figure out what is going on. If you have recently been exercising vigorously, lifting heavy objects, or otherwise physically active, the most likely cause of this aching pain is a muscle pull or strain involving the muscles between the ribs. This is a very common injury, but fortunately it generally resolves easily with rest and anti inflammatory medications. Another common condition is costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage joints of the ribs. This usually occurs after a viral infection, such as a common cold, but it can occur at any time; once again, it tends to resolve with rest and anti inflammatory medications. If you have worsening of the pain with a deep breath, then an inflammation of the lining around the lung, which is called pleuritis, might be a possibility. This also commonly occurs after a viral infection and it is usually self resolving. Start by seeing your primary care doctor. They will help determine if what you have is one of these conditions (or another condition) and they will make recommendations about what might be good treatments.

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