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"What will happen to the cut on my foot if I didn?t get stitches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat will happen to the cut on my foot if I didn?t get stitches?


I got a bad cut on my foot from dropping wood on it and it bled really long time. I didn?t get stitches and it appears to be healing okay but it reopens easily. WILl it be ok?


You will want to keep a close eye on the cut to make sure that it doesn't get infected. Signs of infection would include redness spreading in the skin around the cut, increasing warmth of the surrounding skin, fever, or any pus or other new drainage from the cut. If you notice any of these symptoms, you will need to see your doctor immediately in order to determine whether an infection is developing and whether antibiotics are needed. At this point, it would be too late to get stitches. Stitches need to be put in place as soon as possible after a cut in order to be of benefit. The area should still heal without stitches, it will just take longer and there will likely be a larger scar. I would still recommend that you get in to see your primary care doctor for this cut if you have not had a recent tetanus booster shot. Tetanus is an infection that you can get from bacteria that live in the dirt, and wood is likely contaminated with dirt. A tetanus shot is needed at least every 10 years, and if it has been longer than that for you, your doctor can give you the booster shot.

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