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"If I?m getting the chills does it mean I have the flu?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I?m getting the chills does it mean I have the flu?


Yesterday I started getting ?the chills? a lot and I?m nervous I?m getting the flu. I don?t feel so bad but is there any other reason I would get ?the chills?? What causes them in the first place?


Chills can be a sign of a an infection such as the flu, but it also can mean nothing at all. Chills are just one of several signs that you would look for if you were worried about coming down with the flu. For example, along with chills, you would expect to develop a fever, cough, and generalized malaise if you had the flu. Other illnesses that can cause chills include pneumonia, bronchitis, or even some upper respiratory tract infections. If you had burning with urination, then these chills could be associated with a urinary tract infection. If you are still nervous that you may have the flu or another infection, or if you have developed new symptoms such as the ones mentioned above, then you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she will listen to your symptoms, perform a thorough physical exam, and probably perform a rapid flu screen. This will help tell for sure if you have the flu. While you are probably beyond the window for which anti-flu treatment would be helpful, it would be nice to know if you were infected so you can avoid contact with loved ones for a few days. Good luck.

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