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"How long will a corneal ulcer affect my vision?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long will a corneal ulcer affect my vision?


Had really blurry vision and the doctors figured out I have a corneal ulcer. They were very vague about how long it will make my vision bad and what will happen long term. Should I be worried about my vision? How long will it take for this to go away?


Corneal ulcers are a very serious medical problem, because if they are not treated they have the potential to permanently scar the cornea, which results in decreased vision. For this reason, they are generally considered an eye emergency and they need to be managed very closely by an eye doctor. Most of the time corneal ulcers are caused by an infection of the cornea with one of several organisms, included bacteria and viruses. Many of these infections are associated with contact lens use, but there are other causes as well. There can also be non infectious corneal ulcers. The length of treatment and the outcome from a corneal ulcer depends a lot on how bad the ulcer is. Superficial corneal ulcers may heal up in a week or two if you follow the medication instructions closely that your eye doctor gives you. On the other hand, deep or more advanced corneal ulcers may require months of therapy. Similarly, the deeper and more extensive an ulcer is, the more likely that some residual scarring will occur and that vision will not return entirely to normal afterwards. Please discuss further with your eye doctor and make certain to take the eye medications they are giving you exactly as prescribed.

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