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"Should I see a doctor if I vomited blood?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I see a doctor if I vomited blood?


I?ve had the flu for 3 days and started vomiting yesterday. A little bit of blood came up at the end today. Should I be worried??? Is it okay if some blood came up or is it time to see a Dr.??


When you get the the flu or another common viral infection, it is pretty common to have some nausea and vomiting. Repeated vomiting, because of the mechanical irritation it provokes in the stomach, often produces a small amount of bleeding in the stomach. Therefore, it is common to see some small flecks of blood. While you don't have to worry about this alone, if the bleeding continues or becomes more prominent, then you will need to seek medical attention. For example, if you notice that the vomit has clots or large pieces of blood, or if you find that the vomit is entirely stained with blood, then these are signs of more serious bleeding. Similarly, if you notice that your bowel movements are black or have a bloody color to them, this is also a sign of a more serious bleeding problem. Intestinal bleeding is a medical emergency and it requires immediate attention in an emergency room. Therefore, if you notice any of these concerning signs you need to go seek help in an emergency room right away. Please follow up with your primary care doctor.

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