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"If someone has a seizure does that mean something is wrong with their brain?"

ZocdocAnswersIf someone has a seizure does that mean something is wrong with their brain?


My boyfriend was sleeping and all of the sudden started twitching and moving really weird. I think he had a seizure but he won?t go to the doctor b/c he is stubborn. Does he have a brain problem if he had a seizure or could it really be nothing to worry about?


If your boyfriend really had a seizure, then he really should see a physician right away. The good news is that there are many reasons that we twitch that are not caused by a seizure. When people are just beginning to sleep, or just beginning to wake up, there are events such as twitching that can occur. This is normal brain activity which occurs when the brain is between sleep and wakefulness. If your boyfriend twitched a muscle a few times and that was it, then this is probably what it was. Twitching that is due to a seizure is rhythmic, uncontrolled, and would likely wake him from sleep. If it was a generalized seizure, then his whole body would begin shaking rhythmically and he would not wake up. This type of seizure would be much more obvious. In some cases, a seizure means that there is something wrong with the brain. In other cases, seizures are caused by medications or other substances. If your boyfriend ever does end up having a seizure that is more obvious, then I would suggest that he schedule an appointment with a neurologist. In the mean time, he could schedule an appointment to see his primary care physician (if he doesn't want to go straight to the neurologist). His doctor will know from the description of the event whether or not it was a seizure. If his doctor is worried, he can give him the referral to see a neurologist.

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