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"Why does my tailbone hurt?"


Didn?t fall or anything. But now my tailbone started to hurt. I sit down at work a lot, but not all day. Why would my tailbone just start hurting all of the sudden?


Believe it or not, pain in the tailbone actually has a fancy medical name - it is called coccydynia! Most of the time, coccydynia, or tail bone pain, is caused by or associated with an injury, such as a fall. However, this is not always the case. For example, another very common cause of coccydynia is over use injury or repetitive use injury on the coccyx (tail bone).

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Believe it or not, sitting down all day at an office job can cause this! Riding a bike is another common cause. Arthritis of the tail bone or bone spurs on the tail bone are also common in middle aged and older individuals. Treatment of tailbone pain initially focuses on relieving the inflammation with the use of standard anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. Also, if the cause of the pain is from an over use injury (such as constant sitting down at an office desk) it is important to work on that - either by using a donut cushion to relieve the pressure or by taking more frequent breaks to stand up and stretch. If these strategies do not work, then your primary care doctor will be able to make additional recommendations, which might include referral to a spine doctor for steroid injections.

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