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"Do abscesses return?"

ZocdocAnswersDo abscesses return?


I had an embarrassing abscess near my anus and I?m scared it will come back. I had it drained or something at the ER but it hurt really bad. Do abscesses come back after they are gone?


An abscess is a cavity that is filled with puss. It is a manifestation of infection. Abscesses can form anywhere on the body and even internally in the chest, abdomen, etc. Peri-anal abscesses do occur and the treatment is with adequate drainage and antibiotics. The most common areas where an abscess can occur include armpits, groin and in the anal region. As long as an abscess is drained adequately and the correct antibiotic regimen is prescribed, the abscess will heal well and resolve. Unfortunately, abscesses can and do come back and they won't necessarily come back in the same exact spot, although they can. The best thing you can do to try to prevent an abscess from recurring would be to maintain good personal hygiene. It is also recommended that you see a doctor (usually an ER doctor, because abscesses are acute problems) at the first sign of an abscess as these can become quite large and can even have systemic manifestations such as fevers, chills and if left alone for too long and not treated appropriately, the infection can spread to other areas and the infection may spread to your bloodstream and cause sepsis. Usually this doesn't happen, because abscesses are uncomfortable enough that most people don't wait too long to have these treated.

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