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"If I sprained my achilles tendon will it be likely to tear in the future?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I sprained my achilles tendon will it be likely to tear in the future?


I think I sprained my achilles tendon when I was rock climbing. The pain isn?t too bad so I don?t think its a tear. But my question is, will it be more likely that I do tear the tendon if I already sprained it?


The achilles tendon is one of the largest tendons in the body. Although it is very strong, when it is injured it takes a long time to heal, because of its relative size and relative lack of blood flow. For this reason it is important to pay close attention to achilles tendon injuries. If you allow the tendon to heal up completely prior to engaging in vigorous physical exercise again, then you should not be at any increased risk of tearing the tendon. However, if you stress it while it is still healing, you do put yourself at this risk. People who have achilles tendonitis or achilles sprains and continue to exercise are at risk of tendon tear or, worse yet, tendon rupture. I would suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor. They can assess the degree of injury that you have sustained to the tendon and provide you with recommendations on what level of activity you should perform. If the sprain is very severe, they may recommend that your wear a supportive boot on the ankle, or they may refer you to an orthopedic doctor or a sports medicine specialist for additional advice and management.

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