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"Is my knee healing properly?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my knee healing properly?


I had arthroscopic surgery on my ACL about two weeks ago. My doc says it is okay to start walking on it without a brace but it feels like it is going to give out when I walk. Is it healing properly? Did my surgery go wrong?


It is possible that, after an arthroscopic surgery, you may still feel a bit of weakness in the knee that will get better over time. However, I would not risk it. I would keep the brace on and call your orthopedic doctor and ask to be seen. Your doctor should be able to examine the knee and confirm whether or not it is ok for you to begin walking without the brace. Make sure that you explain to your doctor exactly what the sensation is that you are feeling - how the knee feels like it is going to give out, whether there is any pain, whether the knee moves in any particular direction when you walk, etc. If your doctor decides that it is ok to start walking without the brace, you will want to take it very slowly. Make sure to get exact instructions from your doctor on what kinds of activity you are allowed to perform. It is very important not to overdo it with this knee, or you risk damaging it again and undoing the work done by the surgery. It may also help for you to have some physical therapy sessions - this is something else that you can ask your orthopedic doctor about.

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