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"Why do I have pain in my cheek bones?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have pain in my cheek bones?


There is a weird pain in both of my cheekbones like right under my eyes. They feel tight and sore around the bone. What could be causing this strange pain?


I suggest that you go see your primary care doctor. There are a couple of potential causes for this pain, but it would be helpful to have an examination by your doctor to confirm what is going on and to decide on an appropriate treatment. The first potential cause of this pain in your cheekbones is a sinus infection or sinus congestion. The maxillary sinuses are two spaces that are located under the eyes in the cheekbones. When they become clogged with mucus or infected, the primary symptom is pain or pressure under the eyes. Other accompanying symptoms might include nasal stuffiness or drainage and cough. Your doctor can confirm if this is sinusitis and, if so, prescribe the necessary decongestants and, potentially, antibiotics. The second potential cause would be a tooth infection. The nerves that feed the teeth in the upper jaw are located deep in in the cheekbone, and therefore a tooth infection in the upper jaw may feel like pain below the eyes. Once again, your doctor or your dentist will be examine your mouth and determine if you have any infected or otherwise damaged teeth and, if so, make recommendations about how to go about treating them.

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