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"Is there a surgical procedure that can cure migraine headaches?"


I get migraine headaches that really affect my quality of life. I can?t see straight and feel terrible when I get them. Is there a surgical procedure to correct migraines? As of now I just take a lot of aspirin when I feel one coming on....


I am really sorry to hear that you are having such bad migraine headaches. These headaches can have a major impact on your quality of life and on your ability to perform well at work and to enjoy your social life. I highly recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor to discuss this.

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Migraines are extremely common, and your primary care doctor will have many suggestions on how to get this pain under control. Primarily, I think it is time for you to talk with your doctor about potentially starting a prophylactic medication. Prophylactic medications are medications that are taking on a daily basis, whether you are having a migraine or not, with the idea being that they will decrease the frequency and severity of your headaches. There are several excellent prophylactic medications for migraine on the market, and your doctor can discuss all of them with you and help you pick the one that will be right for you. Unfortunately, there are no surgical procedures that can correct migraines. However, with the help of your primary care doctor, as I explain above, there are medications that will help. You do not need to be suffering from this pain as you are currently.

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