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"Are sclerotic lesions an MS problem?"

ZocdocAnswersAre sclerotic lesions an MS problem?


Are Lesions related to ms? I was told I have a sclerotic lesions in my lung. I also have symptoms of MS - twisted legs, dropped foot to begin with...


I am not sure exactly what to make of this description. I think you will need to discuss this at greater length with your primary doctor. First of all, it is important to know how these lesions were found, whether you have symptoms, and what kind of radiology study was used to find them. Some general comments that might be helpful: First, multiple sclerosis causes lesions only in the brain and spinal cord, so a spot in your lungs would be very unlikely to be related to your multiple sclerosis. Second, 'sclerotic lesions' are generally a description given to spots that are found in the bone. For example, if there was a sclerotic lesion in a rib or in the bones of your spinal cord, that would make more sense. Although there are several causes of sclerotic lesions, the most worrisome possible is always some form of cancer that is growing in the bone, and this needs to be ruled out. Finally, if the lesions actually is in your lung and not in a bone, then I am not sure what to make of the description, and I think you will need to gather more information from your doctor. In fact, regardless of what is going on, I think that sitting down with your primary doctor to discuss this is the first step to take.

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