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"Will the torn tendon in my elbow always be a problem for me?"

ZocdocAnswersWill the torn tendon in my elbow always be a problem for me?


Hurt my elbow last month and now I got health insurance. Went to the doctor and he said I tore a tendon probably. It seems fine now, but will this cause problems in the future?? Should I get surgery or something?


I am sorry to hear that you hurt your elbow, but I am happy to hear that your symptoms seem to be better! It sounds like what you probably had was a sprain. Sprains are injuries to joints in which the ligaments (the tissue that ties the bones of the joint together) becomes injured. Depending on the severity of the sprain, there may actually be tearing of the ligaments are they may just be stretched and inflamed. Regardless, the treatment for a sprain usually involves taking medications for pain and inflammation and resting until the pain is gone. Since sprains take a long time to heal, you often have to rest for weeks to months before all of the pain is gone. It is essential not to return to sports activities (or whatever kind of activity produced the injury) until all of the pain and discomfort and swelling is completely gone, as you risk of re-injury if you stress the joint to early. It sounds like, based on your doctor's exam, things are getting back to normal. I would specifically ask your doctor if they think it is ok for you to return to exercise or activity with the elbow. Presumably, if the pain and swelling are going, then you will not need to think about an orthopedics referral or surgery at this time.

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