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"Are the rashes between my son's fingers scabies?"

ZocdocAnswersAre the rashes between my son's fingers scabies?


My son has been itching a lot lately and he has a red rash between his fingers. Is this scabies? I was looking into what it could be and a friend said that's what it sounds like. How can he treat this and is it contagious?


I recommend that you take your son to see his pediatrician. Rashes like this can have several causes, and your pediatrician will be able to quickly identify what is going on and recommend the appropriate treatment. Scabies is a possibility. This is a common infection if the skin due to a small microscopic bug which burrows in the skin and causes allergic redness and itching. It is treated by cleaning bed lines and clothing and applying a topical cream to kill the bug. Another, probably more likely, possibility is eczema, which is an inflammatory condition in the skin characterized by red plaques containing scaling, cracking, and small blisters. Eczema is particularly common between the fingers of the hand, and it responds well to good skin moisturizing as well as the application of steroid creams prescribed by a physician. You should have your doctor take a look at the rash and determine whether it is eczema or scabies or something else entirely. Obviously, this is important because the treatments for the various rashes are very different. In the meantime, you can apply an over the counter anti itch cream and encourage your son to avoid scratching, as this may provoke a worse skin infection.

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