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"Can you shave your legs too often?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you shave your legs too often?


Is it bad for your skin to shave your legs too much. Sometimes I shave mine twice a day but I'm worried I am going to damage my skin. Can shaving do this? I haven't had any trouble yet.


Shaving is a source of mechanical irritation to the skin. The razor blade strips away essential oils and other protecting agents from the skin, and this can predispose to excessive dryness. Additionally, frequent shaving can put you at risk for nicks in the skin, which can be sites for infections, and folliculitis and ingrown hairs. I do think that shaving twice a day is probably excessive. It is unlikely that your hair is actually growing fast enough to require twice a day shaving. Most people shave just a few times a week. However, if you have not experienced any redness, itching, dryness, or irritation of the skin of your legs, then there is probably no harm in continuing to shave as you are doing. Perhaps your skin is more resistant to the irritation than some others would be. However, if you do start to experience any of these symptoms, then you will need to back off on the frequency of shaving. Also, you should make sure to moisturize your legs with a good lotion after every time shaving to minimize skin dryness. If you have any more questions about this issue or any other general health questions, ask your primary care doctor for more information!

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