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"What might be causing the area around my anus to bleed?"


Noticed that when I use the bathroom, there is some blood involved. It also feels itchy and like I have cuts around my anus. Is this hemorrhoids? Do I just have a rash? What should I do this is kind of embarrassing.


This does indeed sound like hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, as you may know, are dilated veins in and around the rectum. They usually develop from chronic straining from constipation and they are also common in women after childbirth.

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Periodically hemorrhoids can become inflamed, and they can be itchy or painful and they may also leak small amounts of blood. Your doctor will be able to perform a quick examination of the area and determine if you do indeed have hemorrhoids. If so, treatment at first usually involves warm soaks to reduce the inflammation and may also include topical creams to reduce redness and irritation and itching. In cases in which this simple form of treatment fails, large hemorrhoids can also be surgically removed. This is typically done only after the simple treatments have been tried for a few months without success. Your doctor will be able to follow your progress with simple treatments and, if you do not have the expected results, will be able to make a referral to a surgeon for consideration of a hemorrhoid surgery. In the meantime if you experience any large amount of rectal bleeding, this could be a sign of a more serious problem and you should seek immediate medical attention.

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