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"Could the small bump near my eyebrow be a sign of cancer?"


Near the end of my eyebrow on one side, like the part leading into my nose, there is a small bump. It is small, around the size of a penny or so, and does not hurt. It does hurt if I press on it, but I guess anything would. Its been there for a couple weeks. Could it be cancer? I'm freaking out a little bit.


Any time you develop or notice a change in your skin such as this bump, you should have it evaluated by a doctor. In this case, the likelihood of this bump being anything potentially dangerous depends on if it is a new or old lesion. If it has been there for only a couple of weeks, then it should be looked at.

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I should note that based on its size, and how fast it developed, it is unlikely to be a cancer. Cancers of the skin tend to be much slower growing and do not show up in a couple weeks. The two most common types of skin cancer are the squamous cell carcinomas and the basal cell carcinomas. These cancers are often frozen off, cut out, or treated with topical creams. The only type of skin cancer which has a higher likelihood of being deadly is a melanoma. Most of the time, melanomas start off as a pigmented bump that look somewhat like a mole. I think you could schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she can examine your bump, and will likely know right away if it is something to worry about. If the diagnosis is unclear, then you may need a biopsy.

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