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"Is is possible to get a cyst on your ear?"

ZocdocAnswersIs is possible to get a cyst on your ear?


There is a strange bump on the back of my ear, like on the hard part. It is very small and I think it might be a cyst because my dad had a similar thing on his wrist once. Can you get a cyst on your ear? What should I do about it?


There are a number of different things that might present in that location, however it is impossible to be able to tell you for sure what is going on without being able to examine you. For this reason I would recommend making an appointment to be seen and evaluated by an otolaryngologist (ENT aka Ears Nose Throat) physician, or a dermatologist. Either would be able to take a history, examine you, and give you their best thoughts as to what it might be. There are a couple things that will help narrow down what it might be before you even go to be evaluated however. For instance, if it is hard or soft gives important information. There are benign fatty tumors that can grow in the skin called lipomas that are fairly discrete (meaning that they have an obvious border), but are soft and squishy. If the lump is firmer and mobile, it could potentially be a lymph node. This would be even more likely if you had a recent cut or scratch on your scalp near the area. Of if you had a remote injury to the back of your ear, it could be a hypertrophic scar, or even an epidermal inclusion cyst. Nonetheless I would recommend getting it checked out if it has been there for more than a week or two, or if it is painful and getting larger. I wish you the best of luck.

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