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"Why have my fingernails turned pink?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy have my fingernails turned pink?


Noticed that my fingernails look really pink lately. They aren't in pain or anything but it just seems odd. Is there an infection in my fingers or something? Why would my fingernails change color like this?


If you have any serious or chronic medical problems, especially heart disease, liver disease, or diabetes, I would go to see your doctor right away. Any changes in the nails might be evidence that your condition is worsening and needs evaluation. Also, if the pinkish change in color is due to bleeding, or if you notice small areas of what looks like little bruises behind the nails, then these could be signs of a blood infection or another serious condition, and you would need to get checked out right away. On the other hand, if you are otherwise healthy and you don't have any other symptoms, there is likely no serious cause behind this finding. It would be important to figure out if the pinkish discoloration is in the nail itself or in the tissue behind the nail. If it is in the nail, one possibility would be discoloration of the nail from using frequent nail polish and nail polish remover, which can sometimes do this. Infection of the nail with fungus would be unlikely, as this usually gives the nails a whitish or yellow discoloration. Talk to your primary care doctor about the issue if it worsens or does not resolve.

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