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"Is there any way to monitor my prostate health at home?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to monitor my prostate health at home?


I know that there are some ?invasive? tests to check a man's prostate. But what about at home? Is there any way to monitor my prostate health? Are there certain symptoms I should look for to make sure I stay aware of my prostate health?


There are two main conditions that you will want to think about that can affect the prostate. The first of these is benign prostatic hypertrophy. This is a condition in which prostate gland tissue continues to grow within the prostate throughout a man's life, eventually leading to some obstruction of flow of the urine out of the urethra. Typical symptoms include frequent urination, weak urine stream, or trouble starting the urine stream. If you start to experience some of these symptoms, which typically come on in late middle age or in elderly men, then you will want to see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and decide whether treatment is necessary. There is no need to 'test' for benign prostatic hypertrophy, because the symptoms are an obvious giveaway. The other condition is prostate cancer. Testing for prostate cancer is controversial, because most prostate cancer is slow growing and there is not much evidence that early detection of prostate cancer matters for survival or for treatment. If, however, you are interested in prostate cancer screening, this is something you should talk about with your primary care doctor. There are some blood tests that are used for this purpose, and your doctor can discuss the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening with you.

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