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"Is it safe to do yoga with lumbago?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to do yoga with lumbago?


I have some minor lower back pain or lumbago and I want to do yoga with some friends of mine. Is it okay to do the stretches involved with yoga even with my mild back pain or could it make it worse?


This depends a lot on how bad your back pain is. I would go see your primary care doctor prior to starting the yoga program, just to make sure that there are not any major reasons why you should not do this. Major reasons would include any signs of serious nerve pinching, such as numbness or tingling in the legs or weakness in the muscles of the legs, as well as severe pain. In general, however, low back pain is caused by an imbalance and weakness in the muscles that run up and down the two sides of the spinal column, called the paraspinal muscles. Multiple studies have show that people with back pain who remain physically active and exercise regularly recover more rapidly than those who do not exercise. In fact, many times primary care doctors recommend a series of back stretches and back muscle strengthening exercises to patients who have chronic back pain, and these exercises are not unlike the kinds of stretches that you will be doing with basic yoga moves! In general, as long as you take things slowly and stop if you experience discomfort, you should be fine. Again, please discuss with your primary care doctor!

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