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"What causes abdominal lymph nodes to become inflamed?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes abdominal lymph nodes to become inflamed?


I have pain in my abdomen and my doctor told me I have inflamed lymph nodes in my abdomen. What causes this? I don't see him for another week and a half and I'm nervous. Is it okay to do normal activity with my lymph nodes like this?


I hope that the pain in your abdomen goes away soon and you can get back to your normal activities. It sounds like your symptoms have already caused you to seek medical attention, and that is the best thing to do when you have new and concerning symptoms. It is very important that you keep your follow-up appointment with your physician, and if any new symptoms develop, you can always call the office to see if you need more immediate attention. It sounds as though you likely had imaging studies of your abdomen, likely a CT scan, in order for your physician to tell you that you have inflamed (or enlarged) lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are a part of your body's immune system--the immune cells that travel throughout your entire body and keep microorganisms like bacteria and viruses from causing infections will traffic through lymph nodes. Extra traffic through the lymph nodes--when there is some kind of condition causing an increase in inflammation--will cause these lymph nodes to become enlarged. There are many different things that can cause enlarged lymph nodes, including infections, auto-immune diseases, and even some cancers. It can be very unsettling to wait to see your physician to discuss the results, but you have taken the most important first step--seeking medical attention. If you develop any new or concerning symptoms you can let your doctor know right away, and hopefully your upcoming appointment will help provide more information about the next steps in your evaluation.

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