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"Are tongue piercings safe?"

ZocdocAnswersAre tongue piercings safe?


I want to have my tongue pierced. I'm 18 years old and never had anything else pierced before. Is it safe? Are there any hygiene problems if you have your tongue pierced?


Most people are able to have their tongues pierced without any serious problems. However, you may want to talk with your primary care doctor to make sure that there is nothing in your medical history that might put you at higher risk. For example, people who have bleeding problems should not have their tongues pierced, because they are at much higher risk of having bad bleeding or bruising after the procedure. Similarly, people who have problems with their immune systems should not have the piercing, as they will be at higher risk of infection afterwards while the piercing is healing. The tongue is a very sensitive structure that is full of nerve endings. Therefore, in the immediate period of time after the piercing, there can be a lot of pain or discomfort that lasts for several days to a week or so. This is the most common complication from the procedure. Also, there is a risk of infection, because the mouth is full of bacteria that can get into the piercing before it heals completely. This risk can be managed by following the oral hygiene program that the piercing salon will give you exactly. Talk to your doctor if you have more questions about this issue.

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