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"Will my wife's Adderall use affect our unborn child?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my wife's Adderall use affect our unborn child?


My wife is pregnant and also takes Adderall to help with her ADHD. Will this have any affect on our child? Should she not take it while she is pregnant?


The treatment of ADHD during pregnancy is a complex issue, in part because very few medical studies have looked at the safety of the ADHD medications during pregnancy. Adderall and most other ADHD medications are categorized as group "C" medications for use during pregnancy. Group "C" medications are medications for which there are no good studies looking at their use during pregnancy but for which animal studies suggest that there might be harmful effects on the fetus. Therefore, group "C" medications should be avoided during pregnancy unless there is a strong need for them that outweighs the risk. How to treat ADHD during pregnancy is something that your wife should talk to her OB GYN doctor and her psychiatrist about right away. Generally speaking, most doctor will likely recommend that your wife discontinue the medication and focus instead on therapy and other life style approaches to controlling her ADHD symptoms until the pregnancy is over. If the ADHD is very severe, then your wife and her doctors may decide that the risks of discontinuing the medications outweigh the benefits, but this is a discussion that definitely needs to be had. Start by setting up a visit with your wife's OB GYN doctor.

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