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"Could the pain in my temples be due to sinus problems?"

ZocdocAnswersCould the pain in my temples be due to sinus problems?


I have pressure and pain in the side of my head, in the temple areas. Does this have to do with sinus problems? Are the sides of your head part of your temples? Could I have a sinus infection?


There are a range of different things that can cause headaches, but patients who describe pain and pressure in the temple area should be evaluated by a physician right away for a condition called temporal arteritis. Although not the most common cause of headache, it is strongly associated with the kind of pain you are describing and is particularly important to identify promptly because if untreated it can lead to loss of vision. Temporal arteritis occurs when one of the main arteries supplying blood to the eye becomes inflamed. Your doctor can help diagnosis temporal arteritis with an exam and a simple blood test. If you have it, you will be started on a steroid called prednisone. Temporal arteritis is very treatable, but it can have significant side effects if left untreated. You should definitely call your doctor for an appointment without delay. Beyond temporal arteritis, there are many other causes of headache. Sinus headaches can cause radiationg pain to different parts of the head including the temples. In addition, headache syndromes such as migraine headache, tension headache, and cluster headache can also cause headaches similar to those you describe. The key to diagnosing and treating headache is a thorough examination and history with a physician.

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