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"How can I get rid of crepitus?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get rid of crepitus?


There are popping sounds and it feels like things are kind of grating around my hip. I read online that this is crepitus. How do I cure crepitus? Is it a disease?


Crepitus can indeed be a very unnerving sensation, as the "crackling" and "crunching" feelings and sounds can make it seem like something dreadful is about to happen. Crepitus is most often noted in the knees, but it can be appreciated in almost any joint that is prone to arthritis, including the hip. Crepitus itself is not really something that you can make go away, since it results from mechanical changes in the joint that are not reversible due to aging and/or arthritis. However, any pain associated with arthritis can be treated, and it is important to have regular follow-up with a physician if you have joint problems so that you can be managed with appropriate medications or therapy to help minimize your symptoms and maximize your functional status. In addition, with the symptoms you describe, a visit to your primary care physician is advisable. You may well have crepitus in the joint, but it is also possible that you have something else--it is important to be evaluated by a physician so that you can be diagnosed properly after a history and physical examination. It is possible that your physician may notice something on exam or want to pursue further imaging to make sure that you don't have anything else going on with your hip.

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