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"Could the pain in my back be caused by kyphosis? "


Went to a chiropractor because I've had a lot of pain in my spine and he said that it is possible that I have kyphosis. Could a doctor diagnose me with this and how can it be treated other than going to the chiropractor all the time?


There are multiple causes for spinal and back pain. Most commonly, arthritis and age related changes can affect the back and spine. Pain from bulging disks in the spine can also be responsible for low back pain.

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In addition, other causes of back pain include traumatic compression fractures, osteoporosis and sciatica. Yes it is entirely possible that the pain in your spine maybe related to kyphosis. Back pain can occur if the curves in the spine are abnormal. If the curves have significant angulation, the back may become increasingly rounded or arch back in an uncomfortable manner leading to back pain. Kyphosis can be diagnosed with a physical examination by your doctor. Therefore, it is important that you be seen by your family physician and undergo a thorough workup and a good physical exam to correctly diagnose and treat what indeed is responsible for your back pain. At that time, if it is warranted based on your clinical situation, your doctor will also be able to initiate a workup for other causes of back pain as mentioned above. I would encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor in order to prevent complications and worsening of your pain if you are not treated in a timely manner.

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