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"What causes sores in the mouth?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes sores in the mouth?


Along each side of my mouth I get these little sores. They are in the inside alongside my teeth. Am I just biting my cheeks during the night while I'm sleeping or does something cause sores inside the mouth that I could take care of with some medicine?


Mouth sores are generally benign and can arise for multiple reasons. Most commonly, these are cold sores or blisters that can be caused by herpes virus (around the lip), are painful with symptoms of burning and are contagious. These can be triggered most often by stress, irritation, hormonal changes and other bodily changes. Sometimes mouth sores can be caused by bacterial, viral and fungal infection, they may even be drug related or can occur in relation to other medical conditions like immunodeficiency or due to bleeding disease. Yes indeed sometimes, trauma to the mouth (recent dental procedures) frequent biting the cheeks maybe responsible for these sores as well. Mouth sores are more common in women and can recur multiple times. Vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin C deficit can be responsible for oral ulcers. Sometimes when previous smokers stop smoking, this may also cause sores to occur. If they are present around the teeth, you may want to discuss this with your dentist. However, it is important for you to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician or dentist to examine your mouth properly. Your doctor will be able to ask you more detailed questions about your symptoms, conduct a detailed physical examination and diagnose you appropriately treat your condition.

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