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"Is it possible that I have pleurisy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it possible that I have pleurisy?


I recovered from pneumonia recently but I'm still having sharp chest pains when I cough and sometimes even when I'm breathing. Is this pleurisy? From what I've read I think that I have the symptoms.


Yes, it is possible that you may have pleurisy. Pneumonia is inflammation of the lung generally secondary to an infection, or sometimes related to aspiration or other causes. Symptoms of pneumonia even after clinical recovery maybe mild, or very severe. Generally the treatment of pneumonia is to treat the exact cause and treat with targeted antibiotics. From what you are describing, you should definitely see your pulmonologist or medical doctor to ensure that your symptoms are not related to a recurrent penumonia. Pleurisy, which is an inflammation of the lining of the lung, or pleura and is painful due to the nerve fibers that supply the pleura. Pleurisy is often accompanied with an effusion or fluid and sometimes this may even get infected secondarily. In addition, sick individuals may have chest pain that is related to other causes from the heart. Therefore, if you are having symptoms of persistent cough and chest pain with breathing you should definitely make an appointment to see your physician as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration in your lung function. Your doctor will be able to take a detailed history of your symptoms, do a thorough examination of your heart and lungs and if needed obtain laboratory and imaging studies to reach a diagnosis and treat you appropriately.

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