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"Do young people get spider veins too?"

ZocdocAnswersDo young people get spider veins too?


I'm only 30 years old, but I think I'm seeing spider veins in my legs. Not sure exactly what they look like but from pictures online it might be that. Could I have spider veins at a young age? I thought that only older people got them.


If you are not sure whether or not these are spider veins, you should go see your primary care doctor, or at least mention it the next time you have your annual check up. They will be able to take a look at the areas that you are seeing and confirm if these are indeed spider veins. Spider veins are areas of tiny veins under the skin that twist and turn. They typically appear more commonly on the legs and on the face, but can occur anywhere on the body. Spider veins are more common as aging progresses, but they can occur in adults of any age. The development of spider veins is strongly influence by genetics. It is also more common in those who are overweight. Spider veins develop under the influence of estrogen, so they commonly will worsen during and after a pregnancy. Generally speaking spider veins are benign and do not require treatment. Protecting the skin from sunlight can help to slow down premature skin aging and thinning, which makes spider veins appear more prominent. Otherwise, they don't require treatment unless they are cosmetically undesirable. If so, you can talk to a dermatologist about treatment options. Either way, please do start by speaking with your doctor.

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